The best and most stylish way to keep your kitchen smoke and odor free.

Whether large or small, every kitchen needs a good, high quality and reliable Ductless Range Hood.

A well-equipped kitchen allows every meal to become fine dining and the finest way to equip your kitchen is with a Ductless Range Hood.

A Ductless Range Hood removes the distraction of odor and smoke leaving you clear to cook.

When it comes to selecting the right Ductless Range Hood for your kitchen, you don’t need to make a meal of the price, the size or the specs.

There’s a Ductless Range Hood that’s suitable for every kitchen and one that will fit perfectly in yours.

Ensuring Finger Tip Control Over Your Kitchen Environment

It is essential to make sure your kitchen area is ventilated.

A Ductless Range Hood is not just the perfect, but essential way to ensure this is the case.

Whether you cook once a week, once a day or once an hour the effects of non-ventilated cooking leave more than a bad taste in the mouth.

Aside from Odor seeping into decor and adding an unneeded flavor to your food, the lack of a Ductless Range Hood go beyond the kitchen.

Protecting Your Home Is A Hot Topic

Smoke itself can cause issues with damage to other rooms decor and furnishings.

A Ductless Range Hood makes a dramatic difference in the amount of aerosolized grease particles that will accumulate on everything in your apartment.

Clean Air Without The Noise

Of course, nothing spoils the enjoyment of cooking more than an over sensitive smoke alarm. A Ductless Range Hood keeps such erratic devices quiet.

Would A Ductless Range Hood Be The Perfect Fit In My Kitchen?

Yes, indeed.

Why Have A Ductless Range Hood?

There are numerous good reasons why a range hood is an essential part of your home. Here we go into more detail about the benefits of installing this appliance.

As well as potentially adding value to your home, it is invaluable to your health and safety.

Breath More Easily

When cooking, it is often overlooked that dangerous and hazardous materials can enter the atmosphere in the kitchen.

Aerosolized grease, smoke and steam emitted from frying, grilling and boiling do not simply disappear. They settle either as a new and unwanted decoration on the wall, hang dangerously on the ceiling and most damaging of all are breathed in by the unknowing cook.

Removing these microscopic but potentially catastrophic items is essential in maintaining a kitchen environment that is not only clean but safe.

The Ductless Range Hood is an effective way of achieving a healthy level of air quality.

Cooking Without Gas

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning is not only real and deadly but more common than most people realize.

Cooking appliances and heating equipment are the most likely items in your home to emit this dangerous gas and because it is odorless and tasteless you won’t even know it’s affecting you, until it’s too late.

With symptoms similar to flu or fatigue, Carbon Monoxide Poisoning can be brushed aside as feeling tired or a being under the weather but long term exposure can damage your breathing or even result in death.

Proper ventilation is the key not only to combating this dangerous gas but beating it. A Ductless Range Hood is literally a life saver.

Clean, Healthy Living

Ever come across that sticky, dust covered coating in the hard to reach areas of the kitchen? It really leaves experimental cooking with a bad taste in your mouth.

Excess moisture combined with the grease and even smoke from putting all those special ingredients together leave a recipe for disaster.

Not to mention the extra time and effort it takes to clean it.

A Ductless Range Hood acts as the chefs personal cleaner and removes all those excess and unwanted ingredients you don’t have the appetite for.

Those with existing lung problems and those looking NOT to get any would be wise to install a Ductless Range Hood in their kitchen. In fact, everyone who is a fan of cooking and being healthy should do so.

Bacteria, mold and allergens are nothing are no longer a problem leaving the only thing you need to worry about is following the recipe.

Aside from the health issues, cooking should be an enjoyable process. Excessive exposure top heat, steam, odors can leave even the most experienced chef lightheaded and making a meal of the task.

Burn The Evidence

Mistakes do happen. If you’re an ambitious amateur or prone to cooking disasters, you don’t want to be reminded of your failings.

There are so many possibilities when it comes to cooking. Yet, how often do attention-getting recipes quickly become forgotten once it’s realized how messy and foul-smelling the actual cooking process will be? Not to mention if it goes wrong and the lingering smell of failure just won’t go.

Ductless Range Hoods give you more freedom to experiment with those restaurant inspired dishes at home, even when they don’t work out.

Allow flavors from herbs and spices to fill your food not your house with a powerful, properly installed and Ductless Range Hood.

The Art Of Cooking

Whatever your budget or kitchen design, a Ductless Range Hood can make the difference between a normal amateur kitchen and a professional looking one.

With different designs, colors and styles a Ductless Range Hood is out there for you waiting to make your kitchen.

Just because the Ductless Range Hood is an essential appliance doesn’t mean it has to be ugly. A stylish, well installed and matched Ductless Range Hood can create an eye catching showpiece in your own theatre of food.

Illuminating Your Kitchen Experience

Like a guiding light to your cooking project or simply a beacon for a midnight snack, a Ductless Free Range Hoods lighting array makes a bright addition to your kitchen.

Lighting features will differ from model to model and manufacturer to manufacturer. Bright or dim but never dull.
For the brightest kitchen enthusiast some high-end Ductless Range Hoods enable you to not only create amazing meals but frame them with exotic and stylish lighting techniques.

LCD panels, timers and not to mention varying lighting strengths and even coloured bulbs give a bit of glitz and glamour to your kitchen experience.

A Home With Taste

The kitchen is the one room in a house that captures the very heart of a prospective buyer. The room where family meals are prepared, people start and end their day or hang out in during parties is a deciding factor in someone saying yes to their new homer.

A Ductless Range Hood keeps kitchen surfaces, cabinets and other appliances look like new for longer by leaving the air clean and free of damaging articles.

And of course the look and feel of the entire house is protected against nasty and foul smelling odors seeping into wallpaper, furnishings or carpets.

On top of the health and safety benefits, the ease of cleaning and ensuring that you cook in comfort with no distractions, a Ductless Range Hood can increase the value of your home.

Best Ductless Range Hood Reviews

With a wide range of options to go for, we’ll be taking a look at Ductless Range Hoods, and what the best options in the market are.

There is definitely the right fit for whatever you need

So below, we have a taster of the best on the menu when it comes to Ductless Range Hoods. With a product summary to whet your appetite, there is then a list of Pros and Cons to give you food for thought.

best ductless range hood

Broan 413004 Capable Non-Ducted Under-Cabinet Range Hood


This is the more economical of the Ducrtless Range Hoods that we have been looking at. The 41000 series of Ductless Range Hoods are made to exacting Broan standards.

Available in different appliance matching colours and comes with a removable combination grease-charcoal filter.

The fan is said to be designed for years of trouble free service and is controlled via switches. As is the protective lamp lens that distributes light evenly over the cook-top.

This range hood can work in an ADA-compliant application.


  • Easy to install
  • Removable Filter/easy to clean
  • Available in different colours
  • Low energy but highly effective light


  • Limited airflow
  • Shallow unit can struggle to catch smoke
  • Noisier than other units
  • Doesn’t come with a power chord


  • Manufacturer: Broan
  • Length: 33 inches
  • Width: 20.04 inches
  • Height: 7.56 inches
  • Weight: 54 pounds

affordable ductless range hood

AKDY® 30″ Wall Mount Stainless Steel Ductless Range Hood


Best suited for ceilings ranging from 8ft – 8.5 ft, though this particular Ductless Range Hood can be made to fit in higher ceiling applications through the purchase of extra chimney extensions.

This Ductless Range Hood houses a 400 CFM centrifugal motor and offers 4 differing fan speeds. A pair of dishwasher safe aluminum mesh screen filters trap grease from the air as it passes through.

Two banks of 6 LED bulbs provide illumination over your range and operate separately from the fan system.

This Ductless Range Hood is covered by a three year parts warranty and is certified ETL Compliant with US and Canada Safety Standards.


  • Carbon Filters Included
  • Dishwasher Safe aluminum mesh filters
  • Adaptable system that can be used is homes without ventilation
  • 3 Year Warranty


  • Thin plastic pipe exhaust not durable
  • Limited shipping destinations
  • Finish on the seams not aesthetically pleasing


  • Manufacturer: AKDY
  • Width: 18.9 inches
  • Length: 30 inches
  • Height: 41.7 inches
  • Weight: 21.6 pounds

european style ductless range hood

La Cuisine European Style Wall Mount Stainless Steel Ductless Range Hood


This 30″ wall mount range hood features a contemporary Euro design in stainless steel. The wall mount range hood has 760 CFM and features 2 x 2W LED lights.

Dishwasher safe anodized aluminum filters keep maintenance to a minimum.This Ductless Range Hood features a non-return air flap keeps heat from escaping when the hood is not in use.

The range hood is made of stainless steel with a brushed stainless steel finish.


  • Easy to remove filters
  • Simple installation
  • Very quiet fan
  • Sleek/modern design


  • Display touch panel hard to use when moist
  • Chimney just decoration
  • Specific design may not suit all kitchens


  • Manufacturer: SUNFLAY LTD
  • Product Dimensions:
  • Width: 19.50 inches
  • Length: 33.00 inches
  • Height: 12.70 inches
  • Weight: 26.10 pounds

beautiful ductless range hood

Firebird 30″ European Style Wall Mount Stainless Steel Ductless Range Hood


The FIREBIRD RH0192 European style 30-inch wall mount range hood is built with quality construction and black tempered glass style.

Constructed entirely from stainless steel, it features a 380 CFM blower, an adjustable chimney, and aluminum cassette filters with a wide filtration area.

The 3-speed fan is operated with push button controls. Two 2-watt LED light bulbs are pre-installed, giving illumination of your cooking range.

Though designed for ducted use, it may be converted to a ductless (recirculating) range hood with an optional charcoal filter set.


  • Filter set included
  • Extremely stylish look
  • Powerful yet quiet fan
  • EaEasy installation


  • Difficult to clean
  • Fragile parts
  • Light not as effective as it could be
  • Limited shipping areas


  • Manufacturer: FIREBIRD
  • Width: 29.5 inches
  • Length: 18.7 inches
  • Height: 36.5 inches
  • Weight: 24.95 pounds

When considering your options look at the Ductless Range Hood that suits your kitchen. You may be an amateur cook but now every meal can be prepared in a professional kitchen and that’s everybody’s favorite ingredient.