You only want professionals to do what they are good at in your kitchen and the best way to ensure this is by installing a Commercial Range Hood.

Sleek, elegant and most of all efficient, a Commercial Range Hood is not only recommended but an essential addition to any commercial kitchen.

The benefits far exceed the alternative and when it comes to health, safety and the general comfort of a commercial kitchen environment, a commercial range hood is the only solution for an effective kitchen unit.

Removing smoke, toxin and odors a Commercial Range Hood protects staff, ensures concentration and creates an environment that is a pleasure to work in.

Why Have A Commercial Range Hood?

If you are serious about running a commercial kitchen then you need a commercial range hood. The only consideration should really be which one shall I buy, not why should I have one.

A Commercial Range Hood protects your kitchen environment and all those that work in it. It also extends beyond the kitchen delivering protection to diners, customers and you soft furnishings and decor.

A Healthy Business

It’s not a well-known fact but cooking creates dangerous and potentially hazardous materials that enter the atmosphere in the kitchen.

Aerosolized grease combines with smoke, steam and dust when frying, grilling and boiling. These particles do not simply disappear. they settle either as a new and unwanted decoration on the wall, hang precariously on the ceiling and most dangerously are breathed in by the unknowing kitchen staff.

Removing these microscopic but potentially catastrophic items is essential in maintaining a kitchen environment that is not only clean but safe. A Commercial Range Hood is the only effective way to do this.

Food Poisoning

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning is deadly and a lot more common than most people realize.

The kitchen is a hot spot for Carbon Monoxide. Most cooking appliances and heating equipment are the items most likely to emit this dangerous gas.

With Carbon Monoxide being odorless and tasteless you won’t even know it’s affecting you, until it’s too late.

The only true way to combat this dangerous gas is by good, solid and constant ventilation. A Commercial Range Hood is the only real effective solution for this.

Clean Kitchen Is A Happy Cleaner

Excess moisture combines with grease and dust and settles on kitchen surfaces. It forms a sticky yet dusty film that if left becomes the bain of some cleaners life.

A Commercial Range Hood eliminates this unwanted decoration right at the source, ensuring that all that dust, grease and moisture is removed from the air immediately as it is created.

And of course there is odor. What’s going on in the kitchen should not be going on anywhere else outside of it. Be it burning or beautiful, odor from cooking is effectively removed by a Commercial Range Hood.

Reviews of the best Commercial Range Hood

Choosing the right Commercial Range Hood may not be the easiest thing in the world as the volume of products out there is outstanding. Where do you start? What do you look for?

Below, we have three reviews of a representative cross section of what is available to buy.

You’ll find that whatever size, style or setup of kitchen needs, there will be a Commercial Range Hood that is right for you.

Peruse the menu and enjoy your food for thought.

z line commercial range hood

Z Line ZLKB-48 Stainless Steel Wall Mount Range Hood, 48-Inch



This 48 Inch Commercial Range Hood is wall mounted and finished in brushed stainless steel.

The Commercial Range comes with stainless steel baffle filters that are easy to remove and dishwasher safe for cleaning.

A transition piece with backdraft damper to round ducting is included with this 48 Inch Commercial Range Hood.

This Commercial Range Hood has four fan speeds operating at;

Quiet: 280 CFM
Low: 400 CFM
Medium: 580 CFM
High: 760 CFM

The lighting array is made up of two directional lights that are included with the Commercial Range Hood package.


  • Not expensive.
  • Really easy to install.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Great suction.


  • Noisy on pretty much all settings.
  • Halogen lights should be LEDs as they are not energy efficient.
  • Wall mounting screws are not the most secure and should be upgraded.
  • Units vary in quality from manufacturer so check all parts.


  • Manufacturer: Z-Line
  • Length: 19.7 inches
  • Width: 48 inches
  • Height: 10.5 inches
  • Weight: 55 pounds
  • Color: Stainless-Steel
  • Voltage: 120 volts

good looking commercial range hood

54″ 2000 CFM Ducted Wall/Under Cabinet Range Hood



This seamlessly designed commercial Range Hood is an ‘Under Cabinet’ solution that is both aesthetically pleasing and incredibly versatile.

It can also be used as a ‘stand alone’ appliance, depending on your requirements and needs.

The Commercial Range Hood can also be extended, as Chimney sections are available for ceiling heights up to 10 foot six inches or 126 inches.

Durable and steady as a workhorse, this Commercial Range Hood is designed to be used by professionals in a professional way. Fearless in application it is not only a welcome addition to the commercial kitchen, it’s an essential one.

Stainless Steel Baffle Filters are included. These are easy to remove for thorough cleaning.

Heat Lamps/Aux lighting come as standard and this Commercial Range Hood boasts the quietest 400 CFM setting in the industry.

The blower fan is fully installed and factory tested. 3 LED lights on the lighting array, ensuring energy efficiency, illuminate all of this.

Total capacity is 2000 CFM.


  • Lighting is incredibly energy efficient.
  • Fan is very quiet yet very powerful.
  • Cleaning of filters and overall unit is easy and takes no time at all.
  • Easy to access and use controls, even with wet/ingredient laden hands.


  • Very difficult to find fault with this appliance, if anything the cost is a factor but this is a definite example of getting what you pay for.
  • Although easy to install, the instructions are not very well laid out as it’s more a case of using you head and figuring it out yourself.


  • Manufacturer: Proline
  • Length: 24 inches
  • Width: 54 inches
  • Height: 18 inches
  • Weight: 132 pounds
  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Voltage: 110 volts