If you are looking for a stand out, stylish addition to your kitchen then a Wood Range Hood is definitely for you.

A good, solid, Wood Range Hood is detailed and crafted to give an air of elegance whilst making sure that the air in your kitchen is clean, clear and toxin free.

Whether you are a super chef, keen amateur cook or just a functioning foodie, a Wood Range hood will give you the freedom to experiment and concentrate on what you are cooking rather than worry about the aftermath.

Burnt offerings, Spicy experiments or Simple cuisine all have one thing in common. They release particles or grease, moisture and odor into the air which if left untouched or prevented can lead to long term damage both to your decor and to your health. A Wood Range Hood eliminates the need for worry by eliminating these problems at the source.

The perfect kitchen companion, a Wood Range Hood is like having an assistant who keeps your kitchen cleaner and gives you the support to create delicious delicacies.

And where there is an invaluable impact on your health there is added value for you home.

Why Have A Wood Range Hood?

You may not see the benefit of splashing out on something like a Wood Range Hood when a ceiling fan or air filter system works just as well. But do they?

Being able to ventilate and circulate air is essential in keeping your kitchen a healthy one. Whilst there are more cost effective solutions, a Wood Range Hood is definitely the better one.

A Wood Range Hood is the only choice to ensure complete safety when it comes to air quality and peace of mind when it comes to health.

You Can’t Put A Value On Your Health

But you can put a value on your house. Real Estate Agents advise that to increase the resale value of your property, investing in your kitchen is the first place to begin.

80 percent of homebuyers decision-making is based on what they see in the kitchen.

A Wood Range Hood could be that special feature that clinches the deal.

Reviews of the best Wood Range Hoods

With a wide range of Wood Range Hoods to chose from, it can be a daunting task choosing the right one. To get you started, there are three detailed reviews of Wood Range Hoods below to whet your appetite.

expensive wood range hood

Traditional Chimney Style Range Hood, 36″, Maple – by Castlewood


Although the model of the Wood Range Hood we are looking at is a 36 Inch model, Castlewood Traditional Chimney Style Range Hoods are available in different sizes.

They come in 30 inch, 36 inch, 42 inch, and 48 inch models. No matter what size you go for, each configuration is designed for and is used with 9 inch ceilings.

A Custom Cabinetry Extension is available as an option for the taller applications.

This Wood Range Hood and indeed all other Castlewood Wood Range Hoods are fabricated from hardwood plywood and solid hardwoods.

Accessories that can be purchased separately include Silver Metallic Steel liners, 250CFM, 390CFM, or 500CFM Broan Ventilation units. It is also possible to use this Wood Range Hood with a Ductless Conversion Kits.


  • Available in Cherry, Maple, Red Oak, Birch.
  • Easy to follow, very simple instructions for installation.
  • Very well supported line of accessories.
  • Good customer support.


  • Delivery time can vary and be long due to customization of appliance.
  • Can be high maintenance to maintain aesthetic


  • Manufacturer: Castlewood
  • Length: 36 inches
  • Width: 39 inches
  • Height: 42-1/2 inches

italian wood range hood

Range Hood Wall Mounted Wood 36″ CHR-114 NT AIR. Made in Italy.


Made in Italy, this cost effective and professional Wood Range Hood is stylish to boot. It is made to be wall mounted from high quality wood.

The pricing, which may vary, is probably its best feature but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other things that make this Wood Range hood attractive.

It comes with 3 washable filters that are relatively easy to remove and clean.

With two 40w lights and a twin lightweight motor that gives you three speed options.

This Wood Range Hood is available as both Ductless and Vent-Duct depending on your needs or kitchen setup.


  • Available in either ‘OFF WHITE’ or, Unfinished Wood Frame.
  • Varying speeds and lighting settings.
  • Energy efficient.


  • Delivery from Italy can take a while.
  • Both color options can be high maintenance to maintain.
  • Fan is nosy on higher settings.


  • Manufacturer: Air Flow
  • Length: 36 inches
  • Width: 19 inches
  • Height: 35 inches

large wood range hood

Omega National Signature Series 36 inch W, 260-650 CFM Cherry Wood Wall Chimney Range Hood


The Signature Series of Wood Range Hoods by Omega National come in a variety of colors for you to chose from and differing sizes to suit your needs and existing kitchen set-up

This Wood Range Hhood is fabricated to your taste with the option of five quality hardwoods; Red Oak, Maple, Hickory, Cherry, and Alder.

Whatever wood you decide on it comes unfinished so you can customize the design to fit perfectly in your existing kitchen or make it a stand-out certe piece.

Althought we are looking at the 36 inch appliance, this Wood Range Hood is available as a 30 inch , 36 inch, 42 inch or 48 inch option.

There is also the opportunity to add an optional chimney that is tailored to fit any height of ceiling. B

A Metallic Silver liner is included free and dditional metal liners are also available from the manufacturer.

This Wood Range Hood works with a single Sirius 600 CFM Ventilator Power Module.


  • Available is Cherry (featured in this review), Hickory, Maple, Red Oak and Alder.
  • Easy Step-by-step instructions with clear drawings and un-jargoned text.
  • Excellent customer support by the company.


  • Comes unfinished so additional work required after painting.
  • Delivery not included in price.
  • Material could deteriorate if not treated correctly/professionally which would incur maintenance costs.


  • Manufacturer: National
  • Length: 36 inches
  • Width: 19 inches
  • Height: 40.3 inches